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Comparision between RiteBrick and Red Brick

PropertyUnitsAAC BlockRed Brick
Sizemm600 x 200 x (75 to 300),230 x 75 x 115
Size Tolerancemm± 1.5 ± 05 to 15
Compressive StrengthN/mm 23 – 4.5 (IS 2185 part 3)2.5 to 3.5
Normal Dry DensityKg / m 3550 – 6501800
Sound Reduction IndexDb45 for 200 mm Thick Wall50 for 230 mm Thick Wall
Fire ResistanceHrs.2 to 6 (Depending on Thickness)2
Thermal Conductivity “K”W / m-k0.16 – 0.180.81
Drying Shrinkage%0.04% (Size of block)

PropertyAAC BlockRed Brick
Structural CostSteel Saving Upto 15%No Saving
Cement Mortar for Plaster & MasonryRequires less due to flat, even surfaces & less number of jointsRequires more due to irregular surface and more number of joints.
BreakageLess than 5%Average 10 to 12 %
Construction speedSpeedy construction due to its big size, light weight& ease to cut in any size or shapeComparatively slow
QualityUniform & ConsistentNormally varies
Fitting & ChasingAll kind of fitting and chasing possibleAll kind of fitting and chasing possible
Carpet AreaMore due to less thickness of walling materialComparatively low
AvailabilityAnytimeShortage in monsoon
Energy SavingApprox. 30% reduction in air-conditioned loadNo such saving
Chemical CompositionSand/Flyash used around 60 - 70 % which reacts with Lime & Cement to form AACSoil is used which contains many inorganic impurities like sulphates etc. resulting in efflorescence